Why should I purchase an LED Vanity Mirror?

Led Vanity Mirrors are trending in modern homes, luxury hotels and businesses. Not only are they stylish, but the LED lighting provides a practical replacement for your standard mirror. The LED lights provide ideal lighting for grooming and personal makeup applications making them perfect for your bathroom or vanity space. LED light medicine cabinets also provide a perfect solution for those looking for style and storage for their space. Not to mention studies have shown that LED lighting can actually make you happier! Why not start your day, or dazzle your clients with an LED vanity mirror!

What is LED lighting and how does it work?

LED stands for light emitting diode and it refers to a type of diode that provides light when electricity passes through it. These diodes are basically semiconductors that are used to control the direction of electricity flow. LEDs are energy efficient and give off almost no heat; so a much higher percentage of the electricity used goes towards actually making light. With traditional incandescent bulbs, a high percentage of electricity ends up being converted to heat. So this is a smart upgrade that the environment will thank you for.


Will my LED Vanity Mirror fog up if installed in a bathroom?

All of our mirrors have a built in demister pad located on the back of the mirror. A demister pad is a device that removes condensed moisture from your mirror, so turn up the heat and take a nice steamy shower! Your mirror will stay crystal clear. 


How do you turn the mirror on?

Depending on the mirror you purchase we offer a few different ways to turn them on. Some of our mirrors use a modern motion sensor on the right side of the mirror that allows you to turn it on or off with the wave of a hand. The motion sensor allows you to turn on your mirror without having to physically touch it. Some of our other mirrors include a high-tech touch sensor system. The touch sensor is on the bottom, center of the mirror and illuminates blue. To turn on your LED vanity mirror simply touch the sensor and to turn off the mirror, touch it again! Our dimmable collection of mirrors use an external LED controller touch panel which is also used to control the level of light your mirror emits. 


What powers the mirror’s lighting?

Our LED light vanity mirrors are powered directly from your 110V main power supply. This means our mirrors are hard wired and require cabling that is directly inserted in to the back of the mirrors steel back plate. The 110V cabling then connects to the appropriate wires located inside the mirror. Our mirrors do require electrical installation. We provide easy to follow instructions on the installation process as well as video instructions. If you are not comfortable with the process or do not have the right cabling available then we recommend employing an electrician to ensure the mirror is installed properly and safely.


How does the mirror attach to the wall?

Our LED vanity mirrors can be easily attached to the wall using four anchor type screws in each corner. The steel base of the mirror is attached to the wall, the power cable comes through the hole provided and the mirror simply slots safely into the steel base. (All fittings are included with your mirror)

Can LED lighting actually make me happier?

Lighting has always been known to enable sight, safety and orientation. In recent years studies have been done to prove light has the power to energize, relax, increase alertness, cognitive performance and mood. Read more on this subject on our blog post.

Can I install my LED vanity mirror in a walk-in closet?

Absolutely, many of our clients decide to install their mirrors in their walk-in closets, bathrooms, hallways, offices, restaurants, hair salons, and retail stores. Our mirrors are versatile and stylish. They will bring a modern touch to any space.

Once I purchase a mirror, when will I receive it?

Most of our mirrors are shipped in 3-7 business days. Depending on your location, you should expect to receive your mirror within 7-30 business days after your purchase. We will email you tracking information as soon as your order has been processed. 


How much does it cost to ship my mirror?

Shipping is $15 for all of our customers in the continental US! If you are outside of the continental US and interested in purchasing a mirror please contact us at to calculate shipping rates.